A Second Chance to be a Rising Star!


It’s no secret that the Body by Vi Challenge became the hottest name in weight loss and fitness in 2011 because it’s Simple, Rewarding, and most of all… FUN!

But there is another secret ingredient that fueled the success of new Promoters month after month, helping people reach the position of Director in their first 30 days month after month – The Rising Star Program.

Achieve the position of Director in your first 30 days and unlock these Rising Star Rewards:

  • Be eligible to earn in the Rising Star Weekly Enroller’s Pool for LIFE!
  • Companywide recognition as a Rising Star
  • Rising Star Vi-Net badge
  • Special Rising Star Pin and Certificate of Achievement
  • Special Rising Star training content from Founders & Top Promoters

Special January Promotion… “A SECOND CHANCE!”

Even if you are not a Rising Star, you have a special limited time opportunity to earn Rising Star status for LIFE right now!

If You Have Never Hit Director:

  • Simply Hit Director in January, 2012!

ORIf You Have Ever Hit Director, But You Are Not a Rising Star:

  • Finish the January, 2012 Production Month as a qualified Director or above with a minimum of $1,000 in new January volume generated from NEW Personally enrolled Customers and/or Promoters.

It’s the second chance of a lifetime…

Become a Rising Star Today – enjoy the rewards for life!